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Fall 2002


In Celebration of Brakhage (September 23)

To honor the recent retirement of CU Distinguished Professor Stan Brakhage and to celebrate the recent purchase of Brakhage's complete works by the CU libraries, Film Studies Professor Phil Solomon presents an evening of some of his favorite Brakhage films, culled from several different periods of Brakhage's monumental body of work. The evening will feature the Colorado premiere of the recently completed Seasons..., a collaboration between Phil Solomon and Stan Brakhage.

- Blue Moses
-Fire of Waters
-Songs 4.5
-Star Garden
-Murder Psalm
-Chartres Series

Garine Torossian In-Person (October 7

Gariné Torossian was born in Beirut, Lebanon of Armenian origin. She moved to Canada in 1979. She is primarily a self-taught filmmaker and photographer. Her film, GIRL FROM MOUSH(1994), was awarded best experimental film at the Melbourne Film Festival.

-Girl from Moush; A poeticmontage of the artists jouney through her subconcious Armenia. It is not an Armenia based in a reality but one which appears, like the mythical city of Shangri-La, when ones eyes are closed. The film is a homage to the Armenian filmmaker Paradjanov.(5min).

-Drowning in Flames; A film which confronts the works of the Mike and Doug Starn within the visual realm where their images are juxtaposed. (23min)

-SparkleHorse; Inspired by the music of the band Sparklehorse, the film is a subtle, poetic exploration of human communication. (9min)

-Babies on the Sun; The film offers nostalgic, weathered images of ‘childhood’ inspired by the song of the same name by the band Sparklehorse. The textured and layered style of the film gives the impression of blurred memories floating in the subconscious mind. (5min)

-Shadowy Encounters; A homage film to the Brother’s Quay. (15min)

Reynold Reynolds In-Person (October 21)

Reynold Reynolds graduated from the University of Colorado in 1991. He has since show films and won awards at the Sundance film Festival, SXSW, Rotterdam, and New York Underground Film Festival.


-The Last News (13min. Video 2002 W/ Christoph Dreager) Part on an installation produced for The Torino Biennial 2002 about disaster and media.

-Burn (10 min. Film 2002 w/ Patrick Jolley) A house burns from the inside while its occupants focus on the emotional issues of their lives.

-The Drowning Room (10 min. Film 2000 w/ Patrick Jolley) A sequence of domestic vignettes from the sunken suburbs filmed in a submerged house. The inhabitants try to carry on as normal but beyond the borders of asphyxiation communication is limited.

-Seven Days Til Sunday (10 min. Film 1998 w/ Patrick Jolley) A succession of image sequences shows the human figure falling through the cityscape towards violent annihilation by the natural forces of fire and water.

- The History of the Future (16min. Video 1996) A Review of our changing visions of the Future as shown in over 50 Films.

- -NYC-Symphony (10 min. Film 1995) Personal Documentary in the style of the city films from the 1920's.

Kathleen Man In-Person (November 4)

Kathleen Man received an M.F.A. in Film and Video Production from the University of Iowa in 2000. From 1999-2000, she was a Fulbright Fellow in Paris, France, where she shot her latest film, L’Entretien. Professor Man teaches narrative filmmaking, screenwriting, and digital post-production at C.U., Boulder.

-The Social Life of Apes and Monkeys (16mm, b&w, 8mins, 1998) Referring to head-body transplant experiments done with baboons, the filmmaker explores the relationship between primates and humans, and seeks to locate the intersection of mind and body. The Social Life of Apes and Monkeys draws on zoological accounts of baboon colonies in its examination of the socio-sexual dynamics between men and women.

-One Dish Wonder (16mm, b&w, 50 mins, 2000) One Dish Wonder follows the plight of a group of young, inexperienced, video producers attempting to make an avant-garde feature porn. They rally the community of Iowa City behind their vision, holding auditions and scouring the river valley for "stylish people with personal magnetism who want to perform."

-L’Entretien (The Interview) (16mm b&w, 20 mins, 2002, in French w English subtitles) Like a magnet, the Grande Arche lures Alain Avantil, the protagonist of L’Entretien into a Kafkaesque world of mistaken identity and mysterious encounters. L’Entretien describes one man’s journey into oblivion, the tragedy of conformity, and the crisis of identity in a post-modern world.

Student Show & Leighton Pierce In-Person (December 9)

Pierce studied music composition, especially jazz and electronic music, before making films. In fact, his first move into filmmaking came about from his frustration with the lack of a visual component to taped music. It is a continuation of this early interest in music and the construction of emotional experiences in time which continue to guide his work. His films and videos have been exhibited in major art museums and film festivals throughout the world. Most recently, his video The Back Steps was selected for the 2002 Whitney Biennial. He has had one person presentations at Lincoln Center, The Museum of Modern Art, and an upcoming retrospective at The Cinémathèque Française. He has won many awards at film and video festivals around the world. Pierce has received numerous grants and fellowships to support his work including an NEA, a Guggenheim Fellowship, and a Camargo Foundation Fellowship. He received his MFA from Syracuse University in 1984, worked in New York City as a free- lance sound recordist and assistant editor, and has been on the faculty at the University of Iowa since 1985 where he shares responsibility for the film/video/audio curriculum. Leighton Pierce's films and videos are short experiences in transformative time. In his hands, the camera works to translate an active and immediate emotional state into externalized images drawn from the seemingly mundane world around him. It is from these emotionally charged images, that Pierce composes a rhythmical structure with sound and image. His process begins with a recognition of the emotional and rhythmic potential of an image. It ends with the rendering and juxtaposition of these images against the filter of a carefully constructed soundtrack.

- Glass (16mm 1998)
-The Back Steps (DV 2001)
-Pink Socks (DV 2002)
-Evaporation (DV 2002)
-Fall ( DV 2002)
-Water Seeking its Level (DV 2002)
-4 1/2 minutes concerning red (Veiled Red) (DV 2001)
-Wood (DV 2001)
-37th & Lex. (DV 2002)

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