10 films for $60 with punch card
$9 general admission. $7 w/UCB student ID, $7 for senior citizens
$1 discount to anyone with a bike helmet
Free on your birthday! CU Cinema Studies students get in free.


Pay lot 360 (now only $1/hour!), across from the buffalo statue and next to the Duane Physics tower, is closest to Muenzinger. Free parking can be found after 5pm at the meters along Colorado Ave east of Folsom stadium and along University Ave west of Macky.


Park elsewhere and catch the HOP to campus

International Film Series

(Originally called The University Film Commission)
Established 1941 by James Sandoe.

First Person Cinema

(Originally called The Experimental Cinema Group)
Established 1955 by Carla Selby, Gladney Oakley, Bruce Conner and Stan Brakhage.

C.U. Film Program

(AKA The Rocky Mountain Film Center)
First offered degrees in filmmaking and critical studies in 1989 under the guidance of Virgil Grillo.

Celebrating Stan

Created by Suranjan Ganguly in 2003.

C.U. Department of Cinema Studies & Moving Image Arts

Established 2017 by Chair Ernesto Acevedo-Muñoz.


The International Film Series is run by a small but dedicated staff of movie lovers. Look for us at any show and let us know how we're doing.

Pablo Kjølseth

Pablo Kjølseth, IFS Executive Director Duties & Responsibilities: Handling finances related to IFS, classroom, and PA accounts, including all invoiced payments due, scope-of-work employees (website, print media, calendar), student hourly supervision & payroll oversight, office coordination, as well as oversight over three media specialists. Responsible also for IFS film programming, screening IFS submissions, providing content for all ads, programs, posters, and flyers. Film trafficking: making sure all film and DCP inbound and outbound shipping is taken care of in timely fashion. Other financial responsibilities include filling out box-office reports, billing out payables, coordinating special-events (sneak previews, four-walled events, academic outreach, visiting filmmakers, etc.), sales, marketing, press releases, interviews, ad contracts and meeting with ad reps and entertainment editors, overseeing customer service for the IFS, and three or four business trips a year to meet with other film exhibitors and distributors to keep abreast of changing models for the business of film exhibition. Coordinating Norlin & Film Studies acquisitions. Oversight on all equipment upgrades taking place in screening spaces (critical studies & IFS). New duties include providing content for social media that include the IFS FB page and Twitter feed, and donor relations & fundraising.

John Adams

John Adams, Graphic Design & Layout John Adams does the layout and graphic design for the IFS schedule and print ads. He's a Boulder area painter, digital graphic artist and cartoonist. He submitted the first comic book and video to be seen as part of a Master’s Thesis to the Fine Arts Department (MFA 1974). His hobby is memorizing poetry and he can recite, among other works, Howl. To see what he is up to now, go to

Martin Mapes

Martin Mapes, Webmaster A software engineer and former film critic, Marty keeps all the various versions of our web site up and running, along with our iOS app, daily reminders, weekly updates, custom schedules, and automatic tweets, to name a few.

Jason Phelps

Jason Phelps, Operations Coordinator & Media Relations unsure of what to say about himself, simply mailed over a dried-out Sharpie, a drawing of what we believe to be a status bar, a check for the amount of $0.83, and a piece of paper with the words "you're welcome" scribbled on it. Thanks?

Julia Joun

Julia Joun, Promotion and Flatirons Food Film Festival Organizer Julia Joun created and organized the first IFS Food Film Festival in 2013. She also coordinates and implements promotional campaigns for IFS films.

Ryan Leonard

Ryan Leonard, Projectionist/Manager is an undergraduate film student. He has never and will never watch a movie because it is blasphemous to do so. In his free time he enjoys attending weddings, watching movies, and reading about sports!

Sarah Cole

Sarah Cole, Projectionist is a junior majoring in movies and minoring in space stuff. When she is not studying, watching, projecting or making films you'll find her reading, drinking tea, knitting and obsessing over all manner of fluffy cute animals.

Ivan Howe

Ivan Howe, Manager is a Biology graduate from Singapore and current junior working towards a BFA in Film Production. The next questions people ask him are "Jesus, how old are you??", and "Why is your English so not terrible?" Old enough. And... thanks?

Leticia Losey

Leticia Losey, Manager is an undergrad trying to get her BA in film production in hopes of becoming a grad student in Rochester for film archival and preservation. She enjoys food, sleep, and water. Her passions in life are the textures of fruit and staring at anything plaid or corduroy. Her main goal in life is to meet and befriend Danny DeVito in which they would then proceed to play night-crawlers for the rest of their lives.

Debbie Weiss

Debbie Weiss, Manager is an English Major with a Cinema Studies minor. She’s the weird anomaly at IFS, but if you know who she is you get bonus points in Heaven when you die. Her favorite movie is Labyrinth (yes, the one with David Bowie in tight pants.)

Ana Mathews, Projectionist/Cashier

Henna Gurung, Cashier

Nalani Kikuyama, Cashier

Sam Jacobsen, Cashier

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