Spring 2003
Maangamizi: The Ancient One
Free Show! Wednesday, Jan. 29 - 7pm only

FREE! Director Dr. Martin Mhando In-Person!

A story about three women; a doctor, her patient and the ancient and mysterious ancestor who brings them together. a tale of love, compassion and forgiveness. Score by Cyril Neville. USA/ Tanzania, 2000, Eng/Swahili, Color, 110m, unrated. Academy Award nominee.

Read My Lips
Thursday & Friday, Jan. 30 & 31 - 7pm & 9:30pm

A French erotic thriller.
A deaf secretary gets caught up in a larcenous scheme. This Cesar-winning thriller features the kind of sustained tension and suspense that Hollywood will surely bastardize. France, 2001, French, Color, 115 min, unrated.

Mostly Martha
Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 1 & 2 - 7pm & 9:15pm

A German comedy
Sparkling and Funny! Like BABETTE'S FEAST, EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN and CHOCOLAT. Belongs to the popular canon of films that link food and love. (Laura Winters, NEW YORK TIMES) Italy/ Ger/Aus/Switz, 2001, German, Color, 105 min, PG

Igby Goes Down
Monday, Feb. 3 - 7pm & 9pm

Igby Slocumb, a rebellious and sarcastic 17-year-old, is at war with the stifling world of old money & privilege he was born in to. He figures there is a better life out there and sets about finding it. USA, 2002, English, Color, 97 min, R.

The Kid Stays in the Picture
Wednesday, Feb. 5 - 7pm & 9pm

The life of Hollywood mogul Robert Evans.
Robert Evans, independent producer (ROSEMARY'S BABY, CHINATOWN, etc.), one-time famous child actor, drug-bust convict, burnout, psychiatric patient, and a comeback candidate. This is his story. USA, 2002, English, Color, 91 min, R.

On Guard
Thursday & Friday, Feb. 6 & 7 - 7pm & 9:30pm

A swashbuckler by Philippe De Broca
Made by a filmmaker with a sense of humor and an affection for the swashbuckler; but resisting the easy spoof, De Broca has made an enchanting, richly detailed period piece that is an epic tale of love and revenge. Fr/It/Ger, 1997, subtitled, 120 mins, unrated.


Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 8 & 9 - 7pm & 9:30pm

The latest film by Werner Herzog
Real-life strongman Jouko Ahola is a blacksmith in a tiny Polish village, lured to the big city by a German theatrical agent to work for a slimy psychic who dreams of becoming Hitler's minister of the occult. USA/UK/ Germany/Ireland, 2001, English, Color, 133 min, PG-13.

Spirited Away
Monday, Feb. 10 - 7pm & 9:30pm

From the director of PRINCESS MONONOKE
The tale of a young girl who loses her parents at an abandoned amusement park and gets help navigating the strange and magical realm around her. One of the most beautiful and accessible anime films ever made.
USA/Japan, 2002, English, Color, 125 min, PG.

Revolution OS
Wednesday, Feb. 12, 7pm & 9pm

Hackers, Programmers and Rebels UNITE!
This documentary comedy is essential viewing for anybody wanting a deeper understanding of the ideas, and people, behind the open-source movement, featuring rare footage of elusive Linux creator Linus Torvalds himself. USA, 2001, English, Color, 85 min, unrated.

In July
Thursday & Friday, Feb. 13 & 14 - 7pm & 9:15pm

A romantic German road comedy.
Moritz Bleibtreu, who also starred in RUN, LOLA, RUN, returns in this high-flying German road movie that is, at its core, a heart-warming romantic comedy about love and synchronicity. Germany, 2000, Bulgarian/German/Turkish, Color, 99 min, unrated.

Children of the Century
Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 15 & 16 - 7pm & 9:30pm

Stars Juliette Binoche
A sweeping dramatic romantic and historic tale about two 17th Century writers and their trials in work work, travel, and love, CHILDREN OF THE CENTURY is a daring period piece from director Diane Kurys. France, 2002, French w/subtitles, Color, 135 mins, unrated.

Red Dragon
Monday, Feb. 17 - 7pm & 9:30pm

Anthony Hopkins is back as Hannibal!
Before HANNIBAL, and SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, there was RED DRAGON. Ted Tally won an Oscar for his screenplay for SOTL and again applies his talents to render this very faithful adaptation of Thomas Harris‚ work USA/Germany, 2002, Color, 124 min, R.

Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy
Wednesday, Feb. 19 - 7pm & 9:15pm

Porn's most famous male adult-film star.
This documentary charts the rise of Ron Jeremy from his beginnings as a student teacher to his current status as a porn superstar, despite his short and pudgy physique and attempts at social climbing. USA, 2001, English, Color, 104 min, R.
Safe Conduct
Thursday & Friday, Feb. 20 & 21 - 7pm & 9:15pm

A winner at the Berlin Int'l Film Festival
The latest film by Bertrand Tavernier is set in 1942, Paris, where a director and a screenwriter take contrasting stances toward working for a German-
controlled production company. USA, 2002, English, Color, 104 min, R.

Songs From the Second Floor
Saturday & Sunday, Feb. 22 & 23- 7pm & 9pm

A Swedish black comedy
Channeling Ingmar Bergman by way of Terry Gilliam, the film offers comedy as the last gesture in the face of oblivion, a defiant "Ha!" to break God's silence and leaven the mood. (Scott Tobias, THE ONION) Swed/Den/Nor, 2000, Swedish, Color, 98 min, unrated.

The Ring
Monday, Feb. 24 - 7 & 9:30pm

Stars Naomi Watts from MULHOLLAND DRIVE.
A journalist investigates a mysterious video that causes the viewers to die within a week. Based on the Japanese horror film that was a huge hit abroad, this American remake stays true to the original. USA/Japan, 2002, Color, English, 115 min, PG-13.

I'm Going Home
Wednesday, Feb. 26. - 7pm & 9pm

Directed by Manoel de Oliveira
Portuguese director Manoel de Oliveira presents a tender film about the zest for life that gives the human spirit resilience in the face of hardship. Stars Michel Piccoli, Catherine Deneuve, and John Malkovich. France/Portugal, 2001, Fr/Engl, Color, 90 min, unrated.

Bloody Sunday
Thursday & Friday, Feb. 27 & 28 - 7pm & 9:15pm

A powerful recreation of the title event.
In documentary style, Paul Greengrass chronicles the events of January 30, 1972 in Derry, Ireland, takes an unflinching view at the events surrounding a peaceful protest turned bloody. UK/Ireland, 2002, English, Color 107 min, R.

Satin Rouge
Thursday & Friday, Feb 27 & 28 - 7 & 9:15pm

A powerful recreation of the title event.
In documentary style, Paul Greengrass chronicles the events of January 30, 1972 in Derry, Ireland, takes an unflinching view at the events surrounding a peaceful protest turned bloody. UK/Ireland, 2002, English, Color 107 min, R.

Punch Drunk Love
Monday, March 3 - 7pm & 9pm

From the director of MAGNOLIA
Paul Thomas Anderson's compelling character study follows a quiet, shy, socially awkward man who cannot control his often-violent impulses, a trait that becomes increasingly problematic. Stars Adam Sandler and Emily Watson. USA, 2002, English, Color, 94 min, R.

In Praise of Love
Wednesday, March 5 - 7pm & 9pm

The latest from Jean-Luc Godard
Godard's latest is a return to his existential form of old, tackling themes like death, art, politics, and religion with a pastiche of images and scenes that are playful, nonlinear, and lush. France/Switzerland, 2001, French, Color and B&W, 97 min, PG.

Thursday & Friday, March 6 & 7
- 7pm & 9:15pm

Starring George Clooney
Steven Soderbergh's take on love, redemption, second chances, and a space mission gone terribly wrong. Not to be confused with Tarkovsky‚s original film, but not to be dismissed either Soderbergh's film has its own
cerebral qualities. USA, 2002, Eng, Color, 99 m, PG-13.

Eight Women
Saturday & Sunday, March 8 & 9 - 7pm & 9:15pm

The latest by Francois Ozon
A character drama and musical set in a country home during Christmastime in the 1950‚s. Frothy, delirious, over-the-top fun that stars Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Beart, Isabelle Huppert, and more. France, 2002, French, Color, 103 min, R.

Monday, March 10 - 7pm & 9pm

A look behind the face of comedy.
In this endearing documentary featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Colin Quinn, Chris Rock, and other comedians, the process behind both the material and dealing with audiences gets flushed out and worked up. USA, 2002, English, Color, 82 min, R.

Crop Circles: Quest For Truth
Wednesday, March 12
- 7pm & 9:15pm

From the Oscar nominated director of WACO
A compelling and provocative documentary full of never before-seen footage and interviews with leading Crop Circles researchers and scientists, some of whom agreed to be on camera for the first time. A film from William Gazecki. USA, 2002, Eng, Color, 115 m, unrated.

Thursday & Friday, March 13 & 14 - 7pm & 9:30pm

From director Julie Taymor.
Starting and ending with Frida on her deathbed, the film spans the famous painter's life from her teenage years to her death at the young age of 47. A vibrant film with a captivating performance by Salma Hayek. USA/Canada, 2001, English, color, 118 min, R.

Far From Heaven
Saturday & Sunday, March 15 & 16 - 7pm & 9:30pm

Starring Dennis Quaid & Julianne Moore
Douglas Sirk employed the melodrama to satirize and criticize the narrow minds in the 1950s status quo. Todd Haynes uses a similar technique to expose the secrets behind a supposedly model marriage. USA/France, 2002, English, Color, 107 min, PG-13.

Femme Fatale
Monday, March 31st - 7pm & 9:15pm

A film by Brian De Palma
A loopy sex thriller that is sheer joy to watch, whether it's the over-the-top heist scenes, the split-screens, the double-crossings, the steamy erotic encounters, the time loops, it's all here, and it's all fun. USA/France/ Germany, 2002, English/French, Color, 110 min, R.

Trials of Henry Kissinger
Wednesday, April 2nd - 7pm & 9pm

A scathing documentary
Based on the book by British journalist Christopher Hutchins, the film argues that Kissinger was a power-hungry warmonger responsible for massive military cover-ups, as well as the assassination of a Chilean leader in 1970. And he's back! USA/UK/Denmark/ France/Can/Australia, 2002, Eng, Color, 80 m, unrated.

Thursday & Friday, April 3 & 4- 7pm & 9pm.

From the director of RUN, LOLA, RUN
The last film written by Kyrsztof Kieslowski and writing partner Kryzsztof Piesiewicz. Tom Tykwer brings his intense visual energy to the taut, lyrical, multi-layered story of an ordinary woman who takes divine justice into her own hands. SA/UK/France/Italy/ Germany, 2002, English/Italian, Color, 96 min, R.

Bowling For Columbine
Saturday & Sunday, April 5 & 6 - 7pm & 9pm

The lastest film from Michael Moore
Moore's trademark comedic tone is razor-sharp as his quest to learn more about America‚s gun-culture leads him everywhere from Littleton Colorado's Columbine High School to the home of NRA President Charlton Heston. Canada/USA, 2002, English, Color, 119 min, R.

Die Another Day
Monday, April 7 - 7pm & 9:30pm

Starring Pierce Brosnan and Halle Barry
Directed by Lee Tamahori (ONCE WERE WARRIORS), the 20th James Bond adventure catches up to the 21st century, and the results are grittier and more explosive than ever before. UK/USA, 2002, English/Korean, Color, 132 min, PG-13.

War Photographer
Wednesday, April 9 - 7pm & 9pm

Academy Award Nominated
This Oscar-nominated documentary is a journey into the world of renowned photojournalist James Nachtwey. Filmmaker Christian Frei fearlessly trails Nachtwey into the front lines of violence and human suffering around the world. Switzerland, 2002, English, Color, 96 min, unrated.

All or Nothing
Thursday & Friday, April 10 & 11 - 7pm & 9:30pm

From director Mike Leigh
Mike Leigh presents a bittersweet slice-of-life drama following a group of dysfunctional families in working-class London. Impeccably realized performances pay tribute to the exasperating institution of family, USA, 2002, English, Color, 128 min, R.

Saturday & Sunday, April 12 & 13 - 7pm & 9:30pm

From director Costa Gavras
Costa Gavras's most explosive powder-keg to-date. This historical thriller tackles the question of why Pope Pius XII and the Catholic Church didn‚t speak out against the Nazi holocaust. France/Germany/Romania, 2002, English/French/Italian, Color, 132 min, unrated

8 Mile
Monday, April 14 - 7pm & 9:30pm

From director Curtis Hanson
Controversial rapper Eminem makes his big screen debut with this bracing drama set in the bleak, urban battle zone of Detroit circa 1995, as a young man struggles to make a better life for himself. USA, 2002, English, Color, 110 min, R.

Blow Up
Wednesday, April 16 - 7pm & 9:15pm

Antonioni's first English language film
A provocative mystery set in the seamy mod culture of London. A photographer captures evidence of a murder when he takes some innocent snapshots of a couple in the park. Superb directing by Michelangelo Antonioni. UK, 1966, English, Color, 111 min, unrated.

Rabbit Proof Fence
Thursday & Friday, April 17 & 18 - 7pm & 9pm

From director Philip Noyce
Set in Australia in 1931, RABBIT-PROOF FENCE tells the story of a government policy that required "half-caste" children to be taken from their homes by the authorities to be trained to work as servants. Based on a true story. Australia, 2002, English, Color, 94 min, PG.

God is Great, I am Not
Saturday & Sunday, April 19 & 20 - 7pm & 9:15pm

Starring Audrey Tautou from AMELIE.
Michelle is a 20-year-old tornado. Overloaded with passion and personality, she seeks a way to channel her spirituality into an identity via the impulsive and always poetic exclamations she writes in her diary. France, 2002, French, Color, 100 min, unrated.

Analyze That
Monday, April 21st - 7pm & 9pm

From the director of GROUNDHOG DAY
Audiences embraced the original story of the pathologically insecure mafia don and his anxiety-prone suburban psychiatrist. The secret to the original and its sequel is in simply enjoying Robert DeNiro abuse Billy Crystal. USA, 2002, English, Color, 95 min, R.

The Dream of Light
Wednesday, April 23rd - 7pm & 9:30pm

From the director of SPIRIT OF THE BEEHIVE
An intensely detailed study of a painter in the midst of an artistic creation as contemporary Spanish artist Antonio Lopez Garcia creates a still life of a quince tree while the sun filters through the leaves. Spain, 1992, Mandarin/Spanish, Color, 133 min, unrated.

Thursday & Friday, April 24 & 25 - 7pm & 9:15pm

From director Gus Van Sant
A spare, haunting, and finally chilling exploration of two young men (Matt Damon and Casey Affleck) lost in the woods for the serious filmgoers who like to get swept up in filmic poetry. (Jason Clark, Toronto Film Fest)USA, 2002, English, Color, 103 min, R.

Saturday & Sunday, April 26 & 27 -7 & 9:15pm

From director Spike Jonze
Nicolas Cage is Charlie Kaufman, a confused L.A. screenwriter overwhelmed by feelings of inadequacy, sexual frustration, self-loathing and by the screenwriting ambitions of his freeloading twin brother. USA, 2002, English, Color, 114 min, R.

Lord of the Rings: Two Towers
Monday, April 28th - 7pm only

The epic continues
The continuing quest of Frodo Baggins and the Fellowship that has joined together to destroy the One Ring and stand against the evil of the dark lord Sauron. Directed by Peter Jackson. USA/New Zealand, 2002, English/Elvish, Color, 179 min, PG-13.

The Outskirts
Wednesday, April 30 - 7pm & 9pm

A Russian DEAD MAN
A peculiar and fascinating mixture of deadpan comedy, postmodern revenge fantasy, and retro-30s Soviet propaganda that journeys through the contemporary Russian landscape as viewed by early-20th-century peasants (Scott Tobias). Russia, 1999, Russian, B&W, 95 min, unrated.

About Schmidt
Thursday & Friday, May 1 & 2 - 7pm & 9:30pm

From the director of ELECTION
Warren Schmidt (Jack Nicholson) has arrived at several of life‚s crossroads. He is retiring, he feels utterly adrift, and his only daughter is about to marry a boob - so he feels it is his purpose in life to stop the marriage. USA, 2002, English, Color, 124 min, R.