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Pay lot 360, across from the buffalo statue and next to the Duane Physics tower, is closest to Muenzinger. Free parking can be found after 5pm at the meters along Colorado Ave east of Folsom stadium and along University Ave west of Macky.


Park elsewhere and catch the HOP to campus

Cover art for Fall 2017
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Tue Oct 24, 2017

The Silence of the Lambs

At Muenzinger Auditorium

Wed Oct 25, 2017

Crimes and Misdemeanors

At Muenzinger Auditorium

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The IFS was able to comply with the Digital Cinema Initiative with assistance from

  • The CU Film Studies Program
  • The MacArthur Foundation

As well as help and financial support from the following individuals

  • Micah Abram
  • Jason Adler
  • Robert Aldrich
  • Jerry Aronson
  • Robert Baskerville
  • Dede Baskerville
  • Brian Beamer
  • Curt Beery
  • Krissy Beery
  • Lianna Bodzin
  • David Brunel
  • John Buetow
  • Derek Cianfrance
  • Connie Compos
  • Alex Cox
  • Tod Davies
  • Jane Elvins
  • David Freeman
  • Silvia Gates
  • Carol Gerlitz
  • Steve Goldhaber
  • Doris Goodrich
  • Robert Goodrich
  • Randi Grassgreen
  • Nadia Halstead
  • Wyndham Hannaway
  • Elena Hoffrichter
  • Debra Kennedy
  • Mireille Key
  • Rolf Kjolseth
  • Silvia Kjolseth
  • Nicole Larson
  • Noah Larson
  • Bradford Lewis
  • Gerra Lewis
  • John Lichter
  • John McCorvie
  • John McKune,Paula Muir
  • Rivvy Neshama
  • James Palmer
  • Sue Palmer
  • Gregory C. Pappas
  • Casey Parsons
  • Thomas Pelt
  • Juli Ren
  • Tim Rohrer
  • Helene des Rosiers
  • Derek Scruggs
  • Stacey Steers
  • Kathie Stenberg
  • Linda Stonerock
  • Eric Stough
  • Ryann Stough
  • John Templeton
  • Philip Tobias
  • Mariana Vertenstain
  • Karen Weber
  • Philip Weber
  • Gemma Webster
  • Ron Wright
  • The many others who donated anonymously.

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