Cox & Kjølseth

Cox & Kjølseth

Filmmaker Alex Cox & Pablo Kjølseth discuss film topics from their own unique perspectives.

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Episode listing

  • Jul 22 2021, EP81: Trumbo & Trailers: Dalton Trumbo takes the front seat before Alex and Pablo loko back at trailers that have stuck with them over the years. (21 min)
    Listen to EP81: Trumbo & Trailers:
  • Jul 14 2021, Ep80: Hidden Heroes: Alex and Pablo riff on the latest Sight & Sound cover theme. (22 min)
    Listen to Ep80: Hidden Heroes:
  • Jul 08 2021, Ep79: Do Certain Directors Lack A Signature Style?: Pablo and Alex take a look at mediocre directors with stand-out accomplishments. (23 min)
    Listen to Ep79: Do Certain Directors Lack A Signature Style?:
  • Jun 29 2021, Ep78: Music on the Brain: Pablo and Alex wonder why certain classic TV theme songs get stuck in their heads (while doing their best to sing them). (26 min)
    Listen to Ep78: Music on the Brain:
  • Jun 23 2021, Ep77: Ikarie and Planet of Storms: Pablo and Alex dig into some odd sci-fi films from the USSR. (23 min)
    Listen to Ep77: Ikarie and Planet of Storms:
  • Jun 03 2021, Ep76: John Schlesinger: Pablo and Alex look back at John Schlesinger's impressive filmography, paying particular attention to MARATHON MAN. (28 min)
    Listen to Ep76: John Schlesinger:
  • Jun 01 2021, Pab & Tod - Drive-Ins & Palaces: Pablo and Tod discuss Movie Palaces and Drive-ins (23 min)
    Listen to Pab & Tod - Drive-Ins & Palaces:
  • May 20 2021, Ep75: UFOs: Flying saucers abound as the US government acknowledges the existence of UFOs. (18 min)
    Listen to Ep75: UFOs:
  • May 13 2021, Alex's Last Hamburger & Punk the Capital: Alex finally tells the story of why he's a vegetarian, before he and Pablo get into the music scene of PUNK THE CAPITAL. (25 min)
    Listen to Alex's Last Hamburger & Punk the Capital:
  • May 05 2021, Ep73: Fassbinder: Alex and Pablo look back at the filmography of Rainer Fassbinder. (21 min)
    Listen to Ep73: Fassbinder:
  • Apr 29 2021, Ep72: Ralph Bakshi: After having recently rewatched FRITZ THE CAT, Pablo and Alex talk Ralph Bakshi. (22 min)
    Listen to Ep72: Ralph Bakshi:
  • Apr 23 2021, Ep71: Monte Hellman: Monte Hellman has passed away, leaving behind a respectable film career. Pablo and Alex look back at their favorites from his filmography. (22 min)
    Listen to Ep71: Monte Hellman:
  • Apr 15 2021, Political Labels: Pablo and Alex look at how they see political leanings through films and what some may represent. (25 min)
    Listen to Political Labels:
  • Apr 09 2021, Ep69: Gunporn: Filmmaker Alan Caudillo joins Pablo and Alex to further discuss the use of firearms in film. (31 min)
    Listen to Ep69: Gunporn:
  • Apr 01 2021, Episode 68: Lindsay Anderson: Pablo and Alex talk the films of Lindsay Anderson. (25 min)
    Listen to Episode 68: Lindsay Anderson:
  • Mar 29 2021, Pab & Tod: Dennis Hopper: With Alex away, Pablo and special guest Tod Davies talk about Tod's friendship with Dennis Hopper. (25 min)
    Listen to Pab & Tod: Dennis Hopper:
  • Mar 18 2021, Ep67 - Aliens: Pablo and Alex discuss a handful of films, including Alex's brushes with WAR OF THE WORLDS and MARS ATTACKS. (25 min)
    Listen to Ep67 - Aliens:
  • Mar 12 2021, Ep66 - Alex de la Iglesia: Alex and Pablo talk about Alex de la Iglesia. (41 min)
    Listen to Ep66 - Alex de la Iglesia:
  • Mar 04 2021, Ep65 - STRAY: Pablo, Alex, and Tod talk about the new documentary, STRAY. (23 min)
    Listen to Ep65 - STRAY:
  • Feb 25 2021, Ep64 - SIN: Pablo, Alex, and Tod discuss the beautiful new film, SIN. (20 min)
    Listen to Ep64 - SIN:
  • Feb 18 2021, Ep63 - Peter Sellers: Alex and Tod share their thoughts about a forgotten Peter Sellers classic. (24 min)
    Listen to Ep63 - Peter Sellers:
  • Feb 11 2021, Ep62 - PHILIP K. DICK: Tod Davies joins the conversation about the works of Philip K. Dick. (25 min)
    Listen to Ep62 - PHILIP K. DICK:
  • Feb 04 2021, Ep61 - After Sundance: Pablo returns from the virtual offerings of Sundance to remark on his favorite film from the festival, while Alex offers some added insight to last week's (20 min)
    Listen to Ep61 - After Sundance:
  • Jan 28 2021, Ep60 - The Oligarchs: The viral documentary (22 min)
    Listen to Ep60 - The Oligarchs:
  • Jan 21 2021, Ep59 - 17 Blocks of Retirees: After sharing their thoughts on the new docs 17 BLOCKS and SOME KIND OF HEAVEN, Pablo and Alex look back at some collaborations between Roger Corman and John Sayles. (23 min)
    Listen to Ep59 - 17 Blocks of Retirees:
  • Jan 15 2021, Ep58 - KARLOFF: A suggestion from a listener sends Alex and Pablo down a Boris Karloff rabbit hole. (23 min)
    Listen to Ep58 - KARLOFF:
  • Jan 14 2021, Ep57 - Collective & Soul: Alex and Pablo dig into the new documentary about political and administrative corruption, before Todd joins in to lighten the modd with a Pixar talk. (21 min)
    Listen to Ep57 - Collective & Soul:
  • Jan 05 2021, Ep56 - A CROCK OF GOLD with Steve Knopper: Steve Knopper joins the conversation again as Pablo and Alex dig into the music documentary, A CROCK OF GOLD. (25 min)
    Listen to Ep56 - A CROCK OF GOLD with Steve Knopper:
  • Dec 17 2020, Ep55 - Welles and Corman: A fun short by Orson Welles and a Roger Corman reprise. (19 min)
    Listen to Ep55 - Welles and Corman:
  • Dec 10 2020, Ep54 - ZAPPA: For today's discussion on ZAPPA we bring on special guest & music critic Steve Knopper. (20 min)
    Listen to Ep54 - ZAPPA:
  • Dec 03 2020, Ep53 - Distribution With Richard: A filmmaker, a film exhibitor, and a film distributor walk into a podcast. They'd prefer a bar, but talk film biz anyway. (27 min)
    Listen to Ep53 - Distribution With Richard:
  • Nov 30 2020, Ep52 - Alex Cox and DR STRANGE: Jason joins in once again to defend Marvel movies as Alex looks back at his time working with Stan Lee on a script for DR STRANGE. (27 min)
    Listen to Ep52 - Alex Cox and DR STRANGE:
  • Nov 19 2020, Ep51 - The Musical Stylings of Dan Wool: Pablo and Alex bring in longtime friend Dan Wool to talk about his musical accomplishments and recent work with stop-motion legend Phil Tippett. (30 min)
    Listen to Ep51 - The Musical Stylings of Dan Wool:
  • Nov 12 2020, Ep50 - Celebrating 50 Episodes: In celebration of our 50th episode, Pablo and Alex take a look at the 50th anniversary calendar of the IFS. (30 min)
    Listen to Ep50 - Celebrating 50 Episodes:
  • Nov 09 2020, Ep49 - Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers: On today's show Pablo and Alex chat with Paul Mavrides of THE FABULOUS FURRY FREAK BROTHERS fame. (25 min)
    Listen to Ep49 - Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers:
  • Oct 22 2020, Ep48 - Thar Be Pirates!: After Pablo is asked to join a campus group to discuss pirates, he and Alex fall down a rabbit hole of their pasts with pirate movies and rock 'n' roll icons. (22 min)
    Listen to Ep48 - Thar Be Pirates!:
  • Oct 15 2020, Ep47 - The Fly on the Wall: With IFS bringing in a weekly selection of documentaries by Frederick Wiseman, Pablo and Alex look back at some of their favorite docs. (21 min)
    Listen to Ep47 - The Fly on the Wall:
  • Oct 08 2020, Ep46 - The Videos of Music: Changing tactics a bit, Alex looks back at some of his favorite music videos that he's made and watched while Pablo shares a few of his own recommendations. (23 min)
    Listen to Ep46 - The Videos of Music:
  • Oct 01 2020, Ep45 - NATIVE SON: Discovering a lost gem, now available on the IFS website to watch, Pablo and Alex marvel at the surprisingly good noir, NATIVE SON. Plus, Alex suggests a rather odd Peter Fonda find. (20 min)
    Listen to Ep45 - NATIVE SON:
  • Sep 25 2020, Ep44 - SPINAL TAP: Alex discovers an odd connection two of his films have with another cult classic, THIS IS SPINAL TAP. (18 min)
    Listen to Ep44 - SPINAL TAP:
  • Sep 18 2020, Ep43 - NOMAD: With a new set of Werner Herzog documentaries out there, Alex and Pablo talk about the one available on the IFS website, NOMAD: IN THE STEPS OF BRUCE CHATWIN. (21 min)
    Listen to Ep43 - NOMAD:
  • Sep 11 2020, Ep42 - We interrupt this podcast due to September fires: A message from Pablo and Alex about the break. (3 min)
    Listen to Ep42 - We interrupt this podcast due to September fires:
  • Sep 04 2020, Ep41 - COUP 53 & EPICENTRO: A look at Cuba and Iran: two new docs available to screen from the IFS website look at the geopolitical realities that shaped these countries. (13 min)
    Listen to Ep41 - COUP 53 & EPICENTRO:
  • Aug 28 2020, Ep40 - REBUILDING PARADISE: After viewing a selection of films about fires, Alex and Pablo get into the current situation with fires in Colorado and California and Alex's first-hand accounts. (25 min)
    Listen to Ep40 - REBUILDING PARADISE:
  • Aug 21 2020, Ep39 - DARK CIRCLE: The nuclear threat is behind us...isn't it? Pablo and Alex give their thoughts on the re-released documentary, THE DARK CIRCLE, and other films about the destructive forces of a nuclear armory. (23 min)
    Listen to Ep39 - DARK CIRCLE:
  • Aug 13 2020, Ep38 - Frenzy and the White Tiger: Pablo got a chance to watch a 35mm print of the Hitchcock film, FRENZY, of which Alex has his own opinions. Plus discussions on another free Russian film and the recent legal change that could effect theaters near you! (23 min)
    Listen to Ep38 - Frenzy and the White Tiger:
  • Aug 06 2020, Ep37 - A THOUSAND CUTS: Alex lets loose when he and Pablo get into the dangers of information and politics addressed in the new documentary A THOUSAND CUTS. (24 min)
    Listen to Ep37 - A THOUSAND CUTS:
  • Jul 30 2020, Ep36 - LONG DISTANCE RUNNER: Tod Davies drops in once again to join Alex and Pablo to relive experiences showing the classic film, THE LONELINESS OF THE LONG DISTANCE RUNNER. (21 min)
    Listen to Ep36 - LONG DISTANCE RUNNER:
  • Jul 23 2020, Ep35 - HELMUT NEWTON: Looking at the newest release on the IFS website, Alex remembers his meetings with Helmut and some of the ladies featured in the documentary. Plus another Russian recommendation! (22 min)
    Listen to Ep35 - HELMUT NEWTON:
  • Jul 20 2020, Ep34 - Bloody Noses, Empty Pockets: Bringing along Barak once again, Alex and Pablo talk about BLOODY NOSES, EMPTY POCKETS and touch on something that Alex just hates. (25 min)
    Listen to Ep34 - Bloody Noses, Empty Pockets:
  • Jul 08 2020, Ep33 - M&M: A look back at influential film composer Ennio Morricone, as well as Ray Milland's work in PANIC IN THE YEAR ZERO! (15 min)
    Listen to Ep33 - M&M:
  • Jul 02 2020, Ep32 - The Theatre Where Oswald Was Caught: After a quick runthrough of some IFS titles, Pablo and Alex invite Barak Epstein to join the conversation and tell a bit about his historic theatre. (23 min)
    Listen to Ep32 - The Theatre Where Oswald Was Caught:
  • Jun 25 2020, Ep31 - Mother Russia: Being pointed towards, Alex and Pablo indulge in a little Russian binge with some surpising results. (20 min)
    Listen to Ep31 - Mother Russia:
  • Jun 19 2020, Ep30 - The Terror on Haunted Hill: Digging through the plethora of free titles available on, Alex and Pablo each pick a horror title that they feel is worth sharing. (18 min)
    Listen to Ep30 - The Terror on Haunted Hill:
  • Jun 12 2020, Ep29 - YOU DON'T NOMI: Reflecting on the failure(?) of SHOWGIRLS, the doc YOU DON'T NOMI shines new light on the film. Plus Alex dives into the plans of Ted Cruz and the effect on the film industry. (17 min)
    Listen to Ep29 - YOU DON'T NOMI:
  • Jun 05 2020, Ep28 - SHIRLEY - With Special Guest Tod Davies: Tod Davies joins in the conversation wtih Alex and Pablo over the new film, SHIRLEY, about the famous author of (16 min)
    Listen to Ep28 - SHIRLEY - With Special Guest Tod Davies:
  • Jun 01 2020, Ep27 - JEANNE: Bruno Dumont's Jown of Arc pic, JEANNE, sparks some debate between Pablo and Alex. (22 min)
    Listen to Ep27 - JEANNE:
  • May 22 2020, Ep26 - THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF: Tod Davies once again joins Alex and Pablo as they react to their viewings of THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF with mixed feelings. (19 min)
    Listen to Ep26 - THE PAINTER AND THE THIEF:
  • May 15 2020, Ep25 - Up From the Streets: After viewing the jazz documentary UP FROM THE STREETS, Alex and Pablo recount their own experiences with the influential genre. (20 min)
    Listen to Ep25 - Up From the Streets:
  • May 08 2020, Ep24 - SPACESHIP EARTH - A look back at Biosphere 2: With the virtual release of SPACESHIPP EARTH now at our fingertips, Alex and Pablo dig into the film's societal implications. (17 min)
    Listen to Ep24 - SPACESHIP EARTH - A look back at Biosphere 2:
  • May 01 2020, Ep23 - THE BOOKSELLERS: SPECIAL GUEST - TOD DAVIES: Tod Davies joins Alex and Pablo in response to the film THE BOOKSELLERS and what a difference tangible media makes. (21 min)
  • Apr 24 2020, Ep22 - Strange Skins: With Michael Casey joining Alex and Pablo, the three weigh in on Quentin Dupieux's newest weirdness, DEERSKIN. (26 min)
    Listen to Ep22 - Strange Skins:
  • Apr 17 2020, Ep21 - Sorry We Missed You: Pablo invites guest speaker Michael Casey to dive into new indie titles as well as the state of breweries during the pandemic. (20 min)
    Listen to Ep21 - Sorry We Missed You:
  • Apr 10 2020, Ep20 - Bacurau & Repo Man 2: Alex and Pablo talk BACURAU - an instense Brazilian western - before bringing a third party in to weigh in on the ethics of crowd-funding during the pandemic. (23 min)
    Listen to Ep20 - Bacurau & Repo Man 2:
  • Apr 06 2020, Ep19 - Arthouse Distributors & Virtual Screening Rooms: With the threat of COVID-19 on everyone's mind, how is it effecting independent theaters and distributors? (23 min)
    Listen to Ep19 - Arthouse Distributors & Virtual Screening Rooms:
  • Mar 12 2020, Ep18 - The Pandemic: In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, there's no telling what the future holds for the movie-going public. (20 min)
    Listen to Ep18 - The Pandemic:
  • Mar 06 2020, Ep17 - Proletarian: Whether on a plane or in their living room, Alex and Pablo are never far from films about class warfare. (22 min)
    Listen to Ep17 - Proletarian:
  • Feb 20 2020, Ep16 - Directores Mexicanos: Mexican directors are the topic of the week as Pablo swoons over his favorites and Alex chimes in with a few selections of his own. (17 min)
    Listen to Ep16 - Directores Mexicanos:
  • Feb 14 2020, Ep15 - Kirk Douglas, Legend of Cinema: Kirk Douglas recently passed away, leaving behind an incredible history of cinematic achievements - of which Alex and Pablo are happy to reminisce. (17 min)
    Listen to Ep15 - Kirk Douglas, Legend of Cinema:
  • Jan 31 2020, Ep14 - Planes, Banes, and...Sundance: Returning from a trip to England, Alex laments the poor aspect ratio of in-flight entertainment while Pablo struggles with Sundance's new approach to cell phones. (19 min)
    Listen to Ep14 - Planes, Banes, and...Sundance:
  • Jan 17 2020, Ep13 - Seven Years by Alex: Inspired by Pablo's idea of remembering films from when he and Alex were of impressionable ages, Alex takes the reins and picks a few years of his own to demonstrate the trend of quality cinema. (22 min)
    Listen to Ep13 - Seven Years by Alex:
  • Jan 10 2020, Ep12 - Feelin' 7 Up: Using the new BBC documentary 63 UP as a launching point, Pablo and Alex reminisce about films that released when they were 7 and 14. (23 min)
    Listen to Ep12 - Feelin' 7 Up:
  • Jan 03 2020, Ep11 - The Prisoner: With growing concerns over the recent, inexplicable drone sightings over Colorado, Pablo is reminded of Alex's book about the hit British TV series called (19 min)
    Listen to Ep11 - The Prisoner:
  • Dec 20 2019, Ep10 - Nuclear Wasteland: Ever wonder why topics of nuclear war were so prevelant in music and film during the 70s and 80s, but there is silence today? Alex and Pablo wonder the same thing... (22 min)
    Listen to Ep10 - Nuclear Wasteland:
  • Dec 05 2019, Ep09 -Henry Fonda's Lovechild: Finally getting the Fonda story out, Alex and Pablo discuss hidden film gems and unsung historical heroes. (19 min)
    Listen to Ep09 -Henry Fonda's Lovechild:
  • Nov 14 2019, Ep08 - Wenders, Hitchcock, and...Glitches?: Pablo and Alex discuss their thoughts on Wim Wenders classics, their favorite Hitchcock films, and the ghost of Henry Fonda sabotages the recording. (24 min)
    Listen to Ep08 - Wenders, Hitchcock, and...Glitches?:
  • Nov 07 2019, Ep07 - Travel Time: After taking a couple weeks off, Pablo and Alex discuss where their travels took them and how Alex got more than just a place to sit at a recent awards ceremony. (20 min)
    Listen to Ep07 - Travel Time:
  • Oct 24 2019, Ep06 - Godzilla: Pablo and Alex discuss the kaiju classic, Godzilla, with Alex describing his once-in-a-lifetime meeting of the director. (20 min)
    Listen to Ep06 - Godzilla:
  • Oct 17 2019, Ep05 - Moviedrome, Part 4: Pablo selects five topic films from the Moviedrome collection to get Alex's take - including Sunset Boulevard, Ace in the Hole, The Sweet Smell of Success, Alphaville, and Five Easy Pieces. (21 min)
    Listen to Ep05 - Moviedrome, Part 4:
  • Oct 10 2019, Ep04 - Moviedrome, Part 3: Diving into the year 1989, Moviedrome titles are continued as Alex discusses some of his less than fortunate festival experiences. (25 min)
    Listen to Ep04 - Moviedrome, Part 3:
  • Oct 03 2019, Ep03 - Moviedrome, Part 2: Pablo and Alex continue discussing titles from the BBC's Moviedrome series, which were once introduced by Alex. (32 min)
    Listen to Ep03 - Moviedrome, Part 2:
  • Sep 26 2019, Ep02 - Moviedrome, Part 1: Pablo and Alex discuss some of the titles from back when Alex did introductions for the Moviedrome series. (31 min)
    Listen to Ep02 - Moviedrome, Part 1:
  • Sep 21 2019, Ep01 - Harry: After coming back from a festival in his honor, Alex talks Harry Dean Stanton with Pablo. (25 min)
    Listen to Ep01 - Harry:


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